R&R House Rental Rates, Details, and FAQ

We are the only beach rental house in the area that sleeps 24.

Use this table to see how much it costs to rent the Retreats and Reunions large group vacation rental house in Moclips, Washington. Rates listed are per night.

Note: Renting just the upper unit or just the lower unit is only allowed if your rental date is within 30 days of the day you call us.

Units You WantJust Upper UnitJust Lower UnitUpper & Lower
Sleeps (Max)121224
Cost (most nights)349349668
Jul-Aug Weekends,
Holiday Weekends
Discount for Renting
Both Units
One-Time Cleaning Fee125125250

All prices include taxes. Refundable damage deposit required (see below).


Can I Bring My Pets?

Yes, pets are welcome at the R&R House. There is an extra $10 per-night fee for pets.

What Is the Damage Deposit?

Retreats and Reunions deposit is $500. Most renters have received their deposits back in full. You will not be charged for a broken dish. This is for more serious damages like floors, walls, carpets, fixtures, appliances.

How Long Is My Reservation Valid?

Reservations will be held for only three days without payment.

When Do I Check In and Out?

Check-in time is 6 PM Fridays, 5 PM other days, unless other arrangements are made. Check-out time is noon. If you arrive before check-in time, the house may not be clean.

Is There a Minimum Rental Period?

Yes. There is a 3-night minimum on holiday weekends, and a 2-night minimum on all other days.

What Is Provided in the R&R House?

Linens, towels, kitchen stuff (dishes, coffeemaker, etc.), books, games, DVDs.

See a complete list of R&R House details here!

Is the R&R House Wheelchair Accessible?

Unfortunately, Retreats and Reunions is not wheelchair-accessible due to the stairways.

Is Smoking Allowed?

No smoking is allowed in the R&R vacation rental house.

Have You Stayed at the R&R House Before?

If so, you are eligible for the exclusive Written In Stone discount, no matter how long ago you rented. See the details and other special offers here.