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Retreats and Reunions

Large Group Oceanside Rental House

Welcome to Retreats and Reunions

When's the last time your whole family got together for a vacation?

Why not do that beach getaway you've been talking about for years?

At the Retreats and Reunions House, which sleeps up to 24 people in real beds (no air mattresses here!) you can sing, dance, play, meditate, and celebrate. And you can do it all day long in complete isolation from the stressful, busy, non-stop noisy outside world.

When night comes, after you've watched the sunset on the ocean horizon, every person in your group can relax on their beds while the ocean waves crash and lull you to sleep.

Other beach houses say they sleep large numbers, but sometimes the details tell another story. At the R and R House. You don't need tents. You don't need an RV to hook up. You don't need sleeping bags.

The R and R House is about comfort, serenity, friendship, and relaxation for large groups like families, groups of friends, sports teams, business teams, church groups, leadership retreats - any large group looking for a restful and fun place to come and be together. More details below!

View from the R and R house:


By the way, other beach rentals in the area say they have ocean views. We visited a few and took some photos.

If having a REAL ocean view is important to you, consider. These are the 'ocean views' from other rentals in the area:


You decide which view you want during your stay on the Washington Coast.

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About The Owners

Doug and Lorraine Rough have four beautiful, talented daughters. We love family and friends.


Why we chose Moclips

We were losing money in the stock market before it became a popular thing to do. We tried to invest the money we were saving for our children's college in a spot that would be fun for family and friends, yet allow our kids to go to college. It is a Family group of oceanfront rentals and Beach houses for a family reunion. So far,
we are not quite breaking even, but we enjoy it anyway, and our kids have graduated! We built it ourselves with family reunions and retreats in mind.

What makes the R and R House unique

It is famous for Large group family vacation rentals. Because here is a place to enjoy oceanfront activities and views with friends and family. Where else can you get a spot where 24 family or friends can sleep and up to 34 can all sit at the same table? In either of the two different rooms? Where some can sing karaoke while others sleep? Where you can have the entire two-acre property to yourself? With an elevator for those who need it or who want large group family vacation rentals for extra relaxation? Try our double-showers, too! Although secluded at the end of a dead-end road, we are walking distance from a very nice, special-occasion restaurant. However, two full kitchens have all the utensils you might need.