Things To Do

Activities in Moclips: Celebrate, Relax, and Refresh By the Ocean With Family and Friends

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Things to Do Around Moclips, WA

Obscure, Wild, and Breathtaking Places to Explore

  • Walk through miles of beaches and woods
  • Deer-watching - Find them wandering by from the surrounding wooded areas
  • A "skipper-rock" thrower's dream - skip some rocks at the mouth of the Quinault River in Taholah (12 miles north), where there are tons of flat, egg-sized rocks. Also a great spot for winter storm-watching.

Note: You have to buy a Day Pass from the police station in Taholah to wander the beaches of the Quinault Reservation-otherwise closed to tourists and therefore much more remote and pristine than nearby off-reservation locations. Two breath-taking jaunts on the Quinault Reservation are Cape Grenville, and Cape Elizabeth.

  • Walk through miles of beaches and woods
  • Deer-watching - Find them wandering by from the surrounding wooded areas
  • Hike in the Olympic National Park at Lake Quinault - there's an easy one and a longer one. Easy is just across the street from the Lake Quinault Lodge. Farther east, a slightly longer trail is a stroll through mossy heaven (about 30 miles northeast of us).
  • Visit the new town (broke ground in 2005) of Seabrook and wander their many trails. Just two miles south along Highway 109 (most maps don't even show it).
  • Still can't let go of "Twilight"? Fans can head north a little over an hour's drive to Forks and LaPush.
  • Beautiful hikes and tree-lined beaches with incredible waves in LaPush. Look for First, Second, Third and Rialto beaches.
  • Uncover the history of Moclips - In the main part of Moclips a mile north, there is a history walk, where little signs show what the town was like in its heyday. Find the remnants of the old railroad bridge over the Moclips River.
  • More winter storm-watching? Another great spot is the Jetty in Ocean Shores.

Activities You'll Treasure in Your Family Photo Albums

  • Play in the tides and the huge low-tide beaches. When we say we are "sixty steps to the ocean" we refer to the distance between us and the official high tide line (183 feet, or about sixty paces). One of the interesting things about Washington ocean beaches is the big difference between high tide and low tide-it can be twelve feet or more vertically, which can mean over a quarter of a mile horizontally! So at low tide, we are WAY more than "sixty steps to the ocean".
  • Get your clam on! World-renowned clamming (in season) at low tide on our beach. Its proximity to the pristine, off-limits beaches of Olympic National Park and the Quinault Indian Reservation make it an experienced clammer's dream.
  • The Disappearing Hotel? Find out what happened to a hotel with over two hundred rooms built only six feet from the ocean in 1905, and other amazing history at the North Beach Museum, where Sunset Street meets Highway 109 (where you turned off).
  • Play casino games and party at the Quinault Casino, one of the nicer casinos in the state. I've won more than I've lost there so far (knock on wood). (12 miles south)
  • Telescope to the heavens! Watch the stars and planets through the telescope with no city "light pollution" to get in your way
  • Whale-watch at Point Grenville, or just relax and watch the waves crash on the rocks
  • End the day with a campfire in the fire pit while you watch the sun go down. Then, fall asleep on a mattress with clean sheets! You'll want to make this a yearly tradition!
  • Visit Ocean Shores - tons of activities! Horseback riding, bowling, bike rentals, golfing, go carts, boats, arcades, restaurants, and lots more people than Moclips! (15 miles south)

Great Local Eating

  • Windjammer - very nice but affordable, near the ocean in Pacific Beach a mile south. Try the breakfast buffet. Find the tiny bowling alley nearby (open weekends in the summer only).
  • Ocean Crest Resort - a fancier meal and a fun walk! It is walking distance from the R and R House, but is on top of a cliff, so it's a climb! If you do walk, go left (south) along the beach, and then head upward on their twisting stairway that follows a little waterfall. For a small fee, you can use their pool and health club, too.