Special Offers

Special Offers from Retreats and Reunions

Lock in your R and R House rental rates - for life!

If you're a previous guest of Retreats and Reunions (or the Rough House), you can get the same rate every time you visit, for the rest of your natural life...

It's true - if you have previously rented from us, write down what you paid, and seal it in a vault! We will continue to honor the price you paid for future equivalent rentals. It's called the Written in Stone Rate Lock Discount.

For example, if you paid $300 for a non-weekend, non-holiday period in November 1998, you can continue to pay that same price for future non-weekend non-holidays in any other non-summer month (summer: June - Sept), even if we have raised our prices.

You can do this for weekends and summer months too - any day any time. Your rate is good for the equivalent type of rental.

To redeem your Written in Stone Rate Lock Discount. You must tell us before you rent, and we must have a record of your previous rental. This offer does not include charity certificates or the cleaning fee. We reserve the right to refuse space to those who have previously damaged the property.

How to Give Away Peace and Quiet like candies in a Box:

Buy Gift Certificates from Retreats and Reunions.com

6 Reasons our gift certificates are the most flexible you'll find anywhere:

  • Can be combined with most other offers - like discount Wednesdays (see special coupon offer to the right!)
  • Fully transferable - can be given away again and again
  • Use only what you need, upgrade or downgrade, and get a refund if you overpay
  • No blackout dates (subject only to availability), including holidays!
  • What happens if you forget about it and find your certificate five years later under a pile of rubbish? You can still use it - they never expire
  • Inflation Adjustable! If you buy a One Night Stay certificate, its value increases along with our prices. So ten years later, you can still redeem it for one night without having to pay more!

How to Buy R and R Gift Certificates

1) You can buy two kinds of gift certificates:

  • One Night Stay
  • $25 certificates

2) Buy as many as you want!

You can buy inflation-adjustable One Night Stay certificates (for yourself or for others) and prepay your future vacation in today's dollars!

One Night Stay certificates are for any night, but if you stay at a time when cheaper rates are advertised, the difference in rates will be refunded.

3) Call 425-821-5529 and tell us what you want and how many!

I will pay you to rent the R and R House! -Doug Rough

Special Wednesdays-only offer:

Buy any three days in a row that include a Wednesday,

and I will pay you back the full value of Wednesday night's fee!