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58 Sunset Street, Moclips, WA 98562

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To Reach the R and R House From Interstate 5:

  1. Take Highway 101 exit in Olympia (Exit 104) west toward Aberdeen.
  2. Do not exit when highway 101 exits after a few miles-instead follow the main freeway (WA-8) toward Aberdeen and Hoquiam.
  3. Closer to Aberdeen, the limited access freeway changes into a big street, and it becomes Highway 101 again.
  4. Stay on 101 through Aberdeen and Hoquiam.
  5. Continue on 101 about 4 miles beyond Hoquiam (about 4.5 miles past the first highway 109 turnoff) until you see Ocean Beach Road. The sign will say to Moclips. Turn left onto Ocean Beach Road.
  6. Go about 20 miles until you come to a four-way stop at highway 109. Turn right.
  7. In less than a mile, you will see an "Entering Moclips" sign.
  8. After that, you will see Ocean Crest Resort. One tenth of a mile past the resort, turn left onto Sunset Street-it is a one lane road.
  9. Follow Sunset Street through the big S-turn, beside beautiful Sunset Beach, until the road turns to gravel.
  10. On the right after the road turns to gravel is 58 Sunset (the sign says"Retreats and Reunions R and R House").